The Maragoli Community Development Foundation, or MACODEF, is a non-profit organization that supports poverty reduction and sustainable development projects in the Maragoli region of Western Kenya. Our grassroots approach to sustainable development rests on the idea that the most effective projects are locally driven and adapted, holistic and small-scale in nature, and financially accountable.We support projects in education, health care, environment, agriculture, and micro-enterprise that are conceived and implemented by community members themselves. Our project coordinator and local board of governors, representing a cross-section of community members, play a crucial role in approving projects and partnering with groups that are funded. They insist on local contributions and sustainable goals as a way of ensuring that community members have ownership of projects and their outcomes.

We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. By working with trusted community members and by insisting on rigorous accounting procedures, we ensure that small amounts of money are put in the right hands.

Please explore our web site to get acquainted with the Maragoli region of Kenya and its people and to learn more about our distinctive approach to development that emphasizes local decision-making.