The local board of governors views education as the cornerstone of human development and has given high priority to improving the quality of schooling for village children. Though Kenya has been relatively successful in expanding educational access, the state of school facilities in rural areas is often lamentable. Running water and electricity are usually absent, and up to 60 students may sit three to a desk in one classroom.

MACODEF’s efforts have focused primarily on two primary schools and one secondary school serving a total of more than 1200 students. At Vigetse and Vigina Primary Schools, we have provided school uniforms to AIDS orphans, built new latrines, renovated classrooms, repaired the school water tank, bought new desks for students and teachers, provided sanitary napkins for girls, sent school supplies for art and other classes, and supported a school kitchen and garden that provide lunches for students.

At Vigina Secondary School the Joshua and Salome Bunyoli Scholarship Fund provides school uniforms and partial scholarships to the neediest students to offset school fees. We have also supported new latrines, equipment for a science laboratory, computers for a computer lab, tables for a cafeteria, and renovations of a teacher’s house. Recent expansion of the education initiatives have extended scholarship support to needy students at nearby Ideleri Secondary School.
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